Thursday, December 8, 2016

Gilt By Association by Tamar Myers

Paperback Edition
I finished reading the paperback edition of Gilt By Association by Tamar Myers, which is the second novel in the Den of Antiquity Mystery Series. There are a total of sixteen novels that comprise this cozy mystery series by Tamar Myers. 

As of this writing, I have read all sixteen novels in the Den of Antiquity Mystery Series... With the exception of read the first novel in the series titled, Larceny and Old Lace, I have read the rest of the novels in the series out of order.

I am extremely happy that I have finished reading the entire Den of Antiquity Mystery series as I do love cozy mystery novels. Plus, it is quite a sense of accomplishment to finish reading a series. So, it is bittersweet to know that there aren't anymore books left to read in the Den of Antiquity Mystery series. As far as a cozy mystery series goes, I have found many of the novels to be good, many of them not to my liking, and some were middle of the road good. I really felt these novels were hit or miss in terms of how well I enjoyed them or didn't enjoy them.

As far as Gilt By Association goes, I like the leading character of Abigail Timberlake. I like Tamar Myers's humor that she infuses in this novel. The story/premise was a decent one, but flawed. I am amazed that the leading character, Abigail Timberlake, could accomplish as much as she did in a day. Abigail Timberlake was pretty dumb to go on her own to investigate an issue towards the end of the novel without telling anyone where she was going or what she was doing.... So, Abigail Timberlake ends up seriously injured and in the hospital. Additionally, Abigail's relationship with Greg Washburn is seriously wonky. 

The following is the plot summary for Gilt By Association by Tamar Myers from the author's website:

Petite, indomitable North Carolinian Abigail Timberlake rose gloriously up from the ashes of divorce--parlaying her savvy about exquisite old things into a thriving antiques enterprise: the Den of Antiquity. Now she's a force to be reckoned with in Charlotte's close-knit world of mavens, eccentrics and cuttthroat dealers. But a superb, gilt-edged 18th-century French armoire she purchased for a song at estate auction has just arrived along with something she didn't pay for: a dead body.
Suddenly her shop is a crime scene--and closed to the public during the busiest shopping season of the year--so Abigail is determined to speed the lumbering police investigation along. But amateur sleuthing is leading the feisty antiques expert into a murderous mess of dysfunctional family secrets. And the next cadaver found stuffed into fine old furniture could wind up being Abigail's own.

Overall, I felt that Gilt By Association by Tamar Myers was your average cozy mystery novel. Good, but not great. I am giving Gilt By Association by Tamar Myers a rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!

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