Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Thirteen Problems by Agatha Christie

I've been an Agatha Christie fan for years and have been reading her novels and short stories off and on since I was in high school. 

I recently finished reading The Thirteen Problems by Agatha Christie, which is a collection of thirteen short stories featuring Miss Marple. I liked the theme for this short story collection, which revolves around a group of family and friends gathered together. Each person presents a story in which the other guests try to solve. Miss Marple is the only person who is able to solve each mystery when no ones else can solve the mystery.

I admit that I am not a huge Miss Marple fan... I like her character, but I tend to like Hercule Poirot's character much more. Additionally, I found that some of the thirteen stories were better than others. But for the most part, I thought many of them were kind of on the slow side... It took me almost a year to read this book. Plus, the last story in this book, didn't contain the original group of people that were presented in the first story of the book, which broke up the continuity/flow.

I am giving The Thirteen Problems by Agatha Christie a rating of 2 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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