Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday --- Eleven Books To Read If You Are In The Mood For Non-Fiction!!

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I've read a lot of nonfiction over the years and some have been more engaging and captivating than others. Here's my list of eleven books!

1. Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior by Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson

I loved this book!! It's hands down one of my all time favorite nonfiction reads ever!!

2. The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary by Simon Winchester

I listened to the unabridged audio version of this book in 2014 and was blown away at how good it really is! I thought it might be boring, but who knew the making of the OED could be so fascinating.

3. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

OMG, this book was awesome and inspiring!! Bring on creative living!!!

4. The Assassination of the Archduke: Sarajevo 1914 and the Romance That Changed the World by Greg King & Sue Woolmans

Listened to this audiobook earlier this year!! It's filled with lots of important European history that directly impacts World War I.

5. Grayson by Lynne Cox

Short, quick, wonderful read... Lynne Cox is a long distance swimmer. As a teenager, Lynne Cox has a unique encounter with a baby gray whale that had become separated with its mother, during one of her long distance training sessions off the coast of Seal Beach, California.

6. Wesley the Owl: The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl by Stacey O'Brien

Fabulous, must read if you love animals, especially owls.

7. Alex & Me: How a Scientist and a Parrot Discovered a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence--and Formed a Deep Bond in the Process by Irene Pepperberg

Irene Pepperberg does a fabulous job of demonstrating animal intelligence in an engaging way.

8. The Story of Sushi: An Unlikely Saga of Raw Fish and Rice by Trevor Corson

This is a good read, especially if you're both a foodie and a sushi lover!

9. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg

I found this book fascinating and insightful. It's well written.

10. Wittgenstein's Poker: The Story of a Ten-Minute Argument Between Two Great Philosophers by David Edmonds & John Eidinow

Philosophy drama at its finest! This is a fantastic read.

11. Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice: An Ethnobotanist Searches for New Medicines in the Amazon Rain Forest by Mark J. Plotkin Ph.D.

Fabulous read about ethnobotany, why ethnobotany is important, and indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest.


  1. Those are all totally new to me! I don't really read nonfiction anymore. But glad to see you thought so highly of these!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Great list! I've been reading more nonfiction in the past couple years, and these look like some good books to choose from.

  3. I haven't read any of these! Then again I'm not the biggest non fiction reader. :P I definitely need to read more though.

    1. I forgot to add that I really need the Temple Grandin one. Or any Temple Grandin novel since my daughter has autism. I can't believe I've never read one of her books! Shame, shame on me.

  4. I haven't read Non-Fiction in the longest time!! Most of the ones I have read in the past are either Rock Bios or True Crime stuff.

  5. Animals in Translations sounds definitely interesting- autism and animal behavior sounds like an interesting connection. And the owl book sounds good too!

  6. these sound really interesting! thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  7. I was just talking with someone who recommended the book about the Oxford Dictionary - she said the same things as you! :) I love Elizabeth Gilbert, too, though I haven't read the book on your list. More to read! Yay!! Thanks for sharing your list.

  8. I love nonfiction and I've read and loved several from this list. I am off to add the rest to my tbr!

  9. I don't read too much nonfiction, but my favorites are Stephen King's "On Writing," Jessica Valenti's "Full Frontal Feminism" and "Why Have Kids?" and Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion."

  10. Interesting list! I am a huge sushi lover, so I'll have to check that book out. :)

  11. I don't read much non-fiction and I actually haven't read any of these, but thanks for the suggestions! :D

    Here are my Top Ten!

  12. I haven't read any of these books. They do look intriguing though!

  13. I haven't read any of these, but Grayson sounds like something I would definitely enjoy. I will have to check it out!! Thanks for stopping by my TTT and sharing!!

  14. I just got Big Magic this week from the library. I'm excited to see it on your list!

  15. You know I've never read a non-fiction book before in my life. Well aside from anything required in school that is. Though I do something think about it, if I do decide to though I will remember your post and use it for reference.

  16. Animals in Translation sounds amazing! Going to check it out!
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