Thursday, March 3, 2016

BookTubes on YouTube

How many of you watch booktubes on YouTube? Do you yourself have a BookTube or are thinking of hosting a BookTube on YouTube?

Watching BookTubes on YouTube is something I'd like to do more frequently than I am doing currently. I've also thought perhaps BookTubing might be something I'd like to do myself some time down the road as and adjunct to my book blog, but haven't fully explored this idea yet. I have, however, watched the above YouTube Video on how to BookTube earlier today and found it helpful on how to make a BookTube.

So, for those of you that do enjoy watching BookTubes, which BookTubes do you enjoy watching? What qualities do you look for when choosing to follow someone's BookTube Channel?

If you are a BookTuber, what made you decide to BookTube? What tips do you have for someone in starting out in BookTubing?

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