Monday, January 18, 2016

David Bowie's 100 Favorite Books

In my teenage years, I became a fan of David Bowie's music. So, when I came across an interesting article in LA Times titled Remembering David Bowie through his 100 favorite books by Michael Schaub, I was curious to see which books were Bowie's favorites. In the article, Schaub writes the following:
Although David Bowie was best known for his music, he also made countless contributions to the worlds of art, fashion and film. 
But the singer, who died Sunday, was also devoted to literature. In 2013, Bowie left the world something other than his groundbreaking albums to remember him by — a list of his 100 favorite books. Bowie's favorite books list was featured in an exhibit honoring the musician at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto.
Click on the above link to read which books were David Bowie's favorite books.


  1. His death was so heartbreaking. He was a very talented man. I also admired how much of an avid reader David Bowie was.

    1. I never knew that David Bowie was such an avid reader until I read an article about it after his death.