Thursday, January 21, 2016

7 Best Sex-Positive Books From 2015

Okay, I couldn't resist checking out an article found on Bustle's website titled 7 Best Sex-Positive Books From 2015 by Kristen Sollee. In her article, Sollee writes the following:
Although feminism is a central talking point on everyone's lips these days, sex-positive feminism tends to take a backseat because prudery and stigma still reign supreme when it comes to the intersection of sexuality and female bodies. We have a long way to go to dispel the myths about sex-positive feminists (no, you don't have to have untold sexual partners to be one), so it's on those of us who feel moved to spread the message of sexual liberation in its many diverse incarnations to do so. Literature and non-fiction are both excellent vehicles to indoctrinate the world with sex-positivity, and in 2015, these seven authors did just that.
Click on the above link to view which books made the list of best sex-positive books from 2015. 

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