Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Melody and Murder (Melody The Librarian #1) by Leslie Leigh

Cozy Mystery eBook Novella
I'm a sucker for cozy mystery novels, so when I saw Melody and Murder (Melody The Librarian #1) by Leslie Leigh on Amazon for FREE, I immediately downloaded the ebook edition to my Kindle.

Melody and Murder by Leslie Leigh is a novella that is the first book in the 'Melody the Librarian Series' and it is approximately 141 pages in length.

Below is my honest and unbiased review of Melody and Murder (Melody The Librarian #1) by Leslie Leigh.

First off, let me start by saying that I love reading cozy mystery novels and novellas... Secondly, I'd like to also add that Melody and Murder is the third novella I've read by Leslie Leigh so far. I just keep coming back for more of Leslie Leigh's books.

As far as Melody and Murder goes, I enjoyed reading this quick cozy mystery novella overall. I read it over the course of an afternoon. The leading character, Melody, is a fun character... She's funny and in her 30s. Melody is also a librarian who returns to her small town roots and becomes the managing librarian at the local public library. 

When Melody discovers the dead body of a local homeless man outside the front doors of the library one morning, she suspects foul play is involved despite the fact that nothing obvious (like a stab or gunshot wound) warranted a homocide investigation. The police and paramedics that arrive on the scene only suspect that the homeless man most likely died due to hypothermia, but Melody's gut feeling leads her to believe otherwise. So, with the help of her bother (who happens to be a state police officer), Melody helps solve the homicide of two different homeless men within her small community. 

The only thing I didn't care for about Melody and Murder (Melody The Librarian #1) by Leslie Leigh was the fact that the murderer confesses to Melody of the crimes committed and the reason behind the murders given was a lame one. Granted I didn't guess who the murderer was until it was revealed, but the way in which the murderer was revealed was not fulfilling to me the reader. Everything else about Melody and Murder (Melody The Librarian #1) by Leslie Leigh, was a delight though.

I am giving Melody and Murder (Melody The Librarian #1) by Leslie Leigh an overall rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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