Friday, October 2, 2015

Forever By Judy Blume

Paperback Edition
For Banned Books Week 2015 (September 27 through October 3rd) this year, I chose to read Forever by Judy Blume. Forever marks the third Judy Blume book I've read this year. 

I never read any of Judy Blume's novels when I was a youngster, even though they were extremely popular among kids my age back in the day. So, I guess you can say I am reading a few of Ms. Blume's novels now that I am an adult to see what I missed out on when I was a kid.

The following is a plot summary for Forever by Judy Blume that I discovered on Goodreads:
There's a first for everything.
When you build up something in your mind -- really imagine it, wish for it -- sometimes, when it actually happens, it doesn't live up to your expectations. 
True love is nothing like that.
Especially not for Katherine and Michael, who can't get enough of each other. Their relationship is unique: sincere, intense, and fun all at the same time. Although they haven't been together all that long, they know it's serious. A whole world opens up as young passion and sexuality bloom.
But it's senior year of high school, and there are big changes ahead. Michael and Katherine are destined for another big "first": a decision. Is this the love of a lifetime, or the very beginning of a lifetime of love?
I am glad that I read Forever by Judy Blume. The following themes are brought up in Forever: teen aged sex, losing one's virginity, birth control, teen pregnancy, abortion, first love, etc. Basically, just about all the hot topics one can imagine that are hot topics to discuss with teenagers.

For the most part, I liked Forever by Judy Blume as I think the topics touched upon in the novel are important ones for young adults to read about and discuss.

I liked most of the characters in Forever, especially Kathrine, the leading character... The character I liked the least is her boyfriend, Michael, as I thought he was really immature at times and too pushy about wanting sex with Kathrine. Yes, I know teenage boys are portrayed as horny teenagers only wanting sex, but come on, really, are all teenage boys only horny for sex??

Some other things seemed questionable to me... Like, 18 year olds in Forever being able to legally drink alcohol at aged 18 years old when the legal drinking age in the USA is 21 years old. I'd think that the story would want to keep with what is actually going on in society to be credible. Also, Katherine's parents didn't seem to have an issue with her hanging out with her boyfriend, Michael, alone in their house unsupervised... I don't know, but if I were a parent to a high school student, I wouldn't want them to be alone together unsupervised thinking that they may have sex. I don't have issues with sex, but am concerned about unsafe sex and teenage pregnancy among young adults. And a few other things I had issue with as well.

Forever is a young adult novel that has been banned for the following reasons according to the Censorship & Judy Blume on Weebly

Frequency of sexual activity and sexual descriptions
Use of “four-letter” words
Does not promote abstinence
Does not promote monogamous relationships
Demoralized marital sex
Disobedience to parents is shown
Talks about masturbation
Talks about birth control
Lack of moral tone
Sexual passages inappropriate for young people

I am giving Forever by Judy Blume a rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Which banned book or books did you read during Banned Books Week?

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