Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Books About Cambodia!!

Looking to read books about Cambodia?? I discovered an article through The Guardian titled Top Ten Books About Cambodia by Peter Fröberg Idling. In the article, Peter Fröberg Idling writes the following:

One of my very first memories was the public celebration in Stockholm of the "liberation" of Cambodia in 1975. I was two years old and had been born into the anti-Vietnam war movement. I was seven when Pol Pot was toppled a few years later, and the ghastly images of the killing fields made a strong impression on me. But it was not until I moved toCambodia in 2001 that the country turned into something of an obsession. To me this intriguing little kingdom became a way to understand the world: through the Cambodian lens many things became clearer. 
My first book about Cambodia, Pol Pot's Smile, deals with the Khmer Rouge's devastating revolution and follows in the tracks of a Swedish delegation who travelled through the genocide without seeing anything alarming. My new book, Song for an Approaching Storm, is set in the 50s, two decades before the catastrophe. The two have enabled me to spend years in Cambodia, both in the past and the present.
One might look at my following selection and ask where the contemporary Cambodian novels are. The answer, sadly, is that the authors in Cambodia are marginalised and struggling – there aren't even any publishing houses. Very little of their work is translated into English. Thus, there are many foreign authors in the following list. But good literature knows no nationality or borders.
Click on the top link to see which books made the list!!

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