Monday, February 24, 2014

Do YOU Want to Write Ernest Hemingway??

Well, guess what?? There's now an app out that will help you write just like Hemingway! I came across an article titled Learn to Write Like Papa With the "Hemingway App" by Jennifer Miller. In her article, Miller writes:
"Most technical writing is awful," says Adam Long, who works in marketing. "Ever read the full manual for a new gadget, or even for your car? Me neither--they’re verbose, confusing, and use jargon the rest of us don’t know." He says that lawyers are also chronically poor wordsmiths. "There’s a good reason why it takes you three years to learn how to screw up the English language," he says. Adam and his brother Ben Long have created the Hemingway app to counter all of the horrendous prose used across all areas of business writing. It may not turn you into a great storyteller, but, drawing inspiration from Hemingway's lean style, it does promise to strip the extraneous, the weak, and the complicated from your writing.
After reading Miller's article, it appears that the "Hemingway App" was created for technical/business writing... But, I wonder if the "Hemingway App" could be used by those writing novels? Would you want to use the "Hemingway App"?

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