Monday, October 19, 2020

Little Free Library in San Diego, California + Harper's Topiary Garden


My mom and I visited Harper's Topiary in downtown 
San Diego at the end of September, which was so cool to see in person!!
So what exactly is Harper's Topiary? 
I'm glad you asked!
Harper's Topiary is a topiary garden located in a residential neighborhood,
is very easy to find, and is free to view.
Harper's Topiary is part of someone's personal garden
and located on private property.
What a great way to make use of one's yard space 
with unique landscaping. 
See panoramic photo below.

After visiting Harper's Topiary, my mom and I
I discovered a Little Free Library right on the border to
this property and the next property. So, I'm not exactly sure
which physical address the Little Free Library belongs to.
The good news is that we had books with us to leave at this
Little Free Library. 

See above photo of my mom standing
next to the Little Free Library. 
The Little Free Library is just to the right of
Harper's Topiary.

Harper's Topiary - 3549 Union St, San Diego, CA 92103


  1. Wow, that topiary garden is amazing. I must visit it the next time I go to San Diego. You like so much like your mom, I thought at first that was you!

    1. Thank you, we do look a like (except for eye color)! We even sound a lot a like too as people confuse our voices on the phone.