Monday, June 11, 2018

SF In SF - Science Fiction. San Francisco. - The Perfect Fit!

As an avid book lover, there is always a plethora of literary events and author signings in and around the San Francisco Bay Area to attend, for which I am immensely grateful. I recently learned about SF In SF - Science Fiction. San Francisco. - The Perfect Fit through author, Meg Elison's Facebook page.

As a relevant side note here, I'd wanted to see/hear Meg Elison and a few other authors speak on day two of the 2018 Bay Area Book Festival. Unfortunately, I missed day two of the 2018 Bay Area Book Festival due to unforeseen circumstances. Fortunately, for me, Meg Elison is a resident of San Francisco's East Bay Area, so I was finally able to see/hear her speak last night at SF In SF along with authors, Terry Bisson, Ellen Klages, and Lucy Jane Bledsoe at the American Bookbinders Museum in downtown San Francisco.

About 20-25 attendees came to hear moderator Terry Bisson introduce each author and then hear Meg Elison, Ellen Kluges, and Lucy Jane Bledsoe each read a bit of their writing, discuss their work, and answer questions from the audience. Afterward, each author signed copies of their books. I came away with five signed copies of books to added to my ever growing signed book collection.

Left to right: Meg Elison, Terry Bisson, Ellen Kluges, and Lucy Jane Bledsoe

The following is more information about SF In SF from their about page:
Science Fiction in San Francisco – A perfect fit. Located in the City, we host a monthly series of author readings from the science fiction, fantasy, horror, and genre literary fields, hosted by Terry Bisson. In partnership with the Balboa Theatre, we also host regular movie sneak peaks.
All events are underwritten by our sponsor, Tachyon Publications. Books are sold at author events courtesy of Borderlands Books.
Find us on Twitter at @sfinsfevents, on Facebook, and at Meetup under SF in SF Events. For more info, email Rina Weisman, coordinator, at
My husband and I had a blast attending our very first SF In SF event last night and I am not even a huge fan of the science fiction genre... Neither is my husband as he doesn't read many books, but he happily comes to these book events with me. We were very impressed with the SF in SF event and the venue where it was held! The staff was very friendly and so were those attending this event. My hubby and I were at the SF in SF event for approximately three hours. We arrived early and enjoyed walking through the American Bookbinders Museum before the evening's festivities began. The American Bookbinders Museum is small but fabulous museum! We look forward to returning for one of the in depth docent lead tours in the future. The best part was having front row seats and hearing the authors speak/read and having my books signed by the authors! The perfect date evening with my hubby. I'm feeling blessed!


  1. So glad you had a good time! Please come visit SF in SF again!!

    1. Looking forward to attending another SF in SF event in the future!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time. What could be better than a Bookbinder Museum? Maybe you will come to enjoy SF more.

    1. Yes, a bookbinder museum is perfect for a literary event!