Saturday, May 5, 2018

Kidnapped by Suzanne Ferrell

I listened to the unabridged audio version of Kidnapped by Suzanne Ferrell and narrated by Paul Boehmer. Kidnapped by Suzanne Ferrell falls into the thriller/romance genre.

Listening time for Kidnapped by Suzanne Ferrell is 9 hours, 10 minutes.

I enjoying listening to Kidnapped by Suzanne Ferrell and thought it was well narrated by Paul Boehmer. It's a good thriller/romance novel to pass the time with if you're looking for something fun.

The characters and storyline were really good, but not great. I loved the main characters of Samantha Edgars and Jack Carlisle and their sizzling romance... Even if the way they fell in love happened in unusual circumstances and happened way to fast... Instalove! As much as I enjoyed Kidnapped by Suzanne Ferrell, I'm sure it will be forgettable for me over the long haul.

Below is the plot summary for Kidnapped by Suzanne Ferrell from Audible:
Book One in the Edgars Family Romantic Suspense Novels
A Man in Desperate Need
FBI Agent Jake Carlisle is in deep trouble. While undercover he's been shot, but he's not sure if it's the crooks or local cops behind it. Worse, if he can't get help fast, two lives will be lost - his and that of the young witness, a boy whom he's sworn to protect. On the run from both the police and the Russian Mafia, Jake will do anything to save the child at his side, even something illegal. In desperation he kidnaps a nurse from a hospital parking lot.
A Woman at the Edge of Despair
ER nurse Samantha Edgars has been living in an emotional vacuum since the death of her daughter. Abandoned by her husband not long afterward, she struggles just to get through each day, but now all she wants is for the pain to stop and to finally be at peace with her child. Mentally and physically exhausted following a difficult shift, she walks through the hospital's dark parking lot lost in her own thoughts. Suddenly she's jolted from her stupor when she's bound, gagged, and tossed into the back of her car.
Danger on Their Heels
When they arrive at her home, she's terrified and forced to tend to a bleeding FBI agent and his injured witness. But Samantha quickly learns the rogue agent and orphaned boy need more than just her professional skills. With a menace bearing down on them, she must learn to trust Jake - and her heart - if they're all going to survive.
I am giving Kidnapped by Suzanne Ferrell a rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars. 

Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. At least you were reading and enjoying it, right? I have a romance on my list coming up.

    1. Yes, enjoying what I am reading is always a blessing!