Saturday, May 26, 2018

How to Start a Heartsong Journal ~ AKA An Encyclopedia Of You!!

I use to keep a journal/diary from the time I was in junior high school until 2008. In fact, I made fairly regular journal/diary entries through that time period. I'd never meant to stop keeping a journal/diary, but certain life events happened. So, I was essentially forced to stop keeping a journal/diary. 

I'd always meant to start keeping a journal/diary again, but for whatever reason that hasn't happened. I guess I lost my momentum or rhythm of making journal/diary entries.

But I may have discovered a way to ease my way back into keeping a journal that sounds like a lot of fun. It's called a Heartsong Journal. I learned about keeping a Heartsong Journal from an article I read on Buzzfeed's website titled, How To Start A Heartsong Journal, AKA An Encyclopedia Of You by Rachel Wilkerson Miller. In the article, Rachel Wilkerson Miller wrote the following:
The best way I can explain a heartsong journal is that it’s basically an “encyclopedia of you.” It’s a special notebook, separate from your day-to-day journal/diary/notebook, where you can write the meaningful things that are really close to your heart, and that you want to reference again and again.

To make your own heartsong journal, you just need a notebook you love and a pen! Here are the sorts of things you might want to include in your heartsong journal:
Your Myers Briggs resultsYour love languageYour go-to self care ideasCompliments or kind words that you want to rememberPoems and quotes that speak to your heartPrayers, meditations, or mantras that move youThings you like about yourselfRecipes that nourish your body and spiritA deep dive into your natal chartNotes on your favorite crystals or essential oils
Essentially, anything that matters to you may be kept inside your Heartsong Journal to refer back to on a regular basis.

Click on the above link to read the entire article about making a Heartsong Journal by Rachel Wilkerson Miller. 

Until my next post, happy reading!


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    1. Not yet! I have a new journal to use though and am in the process of collecting ideas I want to add to my Heartsong Journal. :-)

  2. I would love to read a follow up on this! How did it go? What new ideas did you add? I am just starting one. :)