Saturday, April 7, 2018

Combining Hobbies... Reading and Knitting!

Here's what I've completed on the poncho I'm making for my mom.

I love reading and I love knitting. Both of these activities have become my favorite hobbies. In the past couple of years, I've found a way to combine by love of reading and knitting by listening to an audiobook while I knit! This way I can do both of my favorite hobbies at the same time. 

During the past week, I've been listening to the unabridged audio version of The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne, while working on a drop stitch poncho I am knitting for my mom for Mother's Day. 

I decided to knit the poncho using worsted weight yarn in a solid lilac color that's a perfect color for spring. Plus, my mom wears a beautiful lilac nail lacquer during the spring and summer months that will go perfectly with the poncho I am knitting for her.

I've really enjoyed listening to an audiobook while knitting the poncho I'm making for my mom.

Have you found ways to combine your favorite hobbies together so that you can do them at the same time?


  1. At first I tried to picture how you could hold a book and knit at the same time. Ha Ha. Audio books, of course. I listen to podcasts while I eat lunch. Otherwise I tend to do one thing at a time, cause I am just that way.

    1. That would be quite something if I could hold a book and knitting needles at the same time!

      I also frequently listen to audiobooks while I eat as well as when I knit. It's one of the ways I've been able to read through books so quickly in previous years... Especially, when I can make my Kindle play audiobooks at a faster speed, which allows me to move through books more quickly. Essentially, I've become a lazy reader in recent years due to audiobooks!