Thursday, June 13, 2013

Literary Restaurants Around the World

In addition to my love of reading books, I absolutely enjoy dining out at restaurants. If it were economically possible, I'd probably dine out for every meal, hire a chef to cook all my meals for me, or some combination of the two... But, I digress.

Last night, I stumbled across an article on Flavorwire titled 10 Literary Restaurants for Hungry Book Nerds Around the World by Emily Temple. Wow, what could be better than creating the perfect space for dining that appeals to the literary nerd?? We all have to eat, right?

All of the restaurants sound awesome. I'd have fun visiting them all. Café du Livre in Marrakesh stands out the most for me though. Which literary restaurant would you most want to visit?


  1. BooK Bar in Denver? Oh wow! I'll be headed there soon


    1. If you visit the Denver Book Bar let us know how it goes!!