Saturday, December 2, 2023

The Christmas Ruse by Jennie Goutet

I like to read or listen to one or more holiday themed reads each year if possible based on time and interest. 

It just so happens that my last read for the month of November was a holiday themed novella titled, The Christmas Ruse by Jennie Goutet. This regency romance is a quick listen at just over 2 hours in length and is well narrated. Overall, I felt The Christmas Ruse had a decent storyline, interesting plot twists, a romance, and filled with fairly well developed characters despite the short length. It is a predictable read as to the story's outcome/ending. 

Even though I wasn't wowed by this novella, it is a clean, wholesome read that is worth the read if you enjoy regency romance novels/novellas.

Below is the plot summary for The Christmas Ruse by Jennie Goutet I found in the description section in YouTube video itself.

Nicholas Cranleigh suspects his meddlesome sister is up to something when she invites him to stay at Cothill Manor at the same time as Miss Dresden. He’s on his guard, but it’s hard to resist a woman with luminous eyes, who’s in need of a savior. Lavinia Dresden is ready to sacrifice herself to save her family from financial ruin in the only path open to a woman of gentle breeding. But she hadn’t counted the cost on her sacrifice until Lord Cranleigh came into her life—a man she knew to be her ideal. There remain only five days until the Christmas ball when Miss Dresden’s fate will be decided, and it soon becomes apparent to Nicholas that the question is not whether he wants to save Lavinia, but whether he is able.

I was able to listen to this unabridged novella for FREE on YouTube and so can you by clicking on the video link above.

I am giving The Christmas Ruse by Jennie Goutet a rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!


  1. This time of year I'm often in the mood for a fun Christmas novella. :D

    1. Holiday themed reads are fun, but sometimes find them hit or miss.

  2. I'm not really into novellas or Christmas stories but I'm glad you found this one interesting at least.

    1. It's difficult to fully develop a good storyline and characters with shorter forms like novellas and short stories, unless you have developed a knack for it.