Friday, May 5, 2023

The In and Out Book Tag...

I discovered 'The In and Out Book Tag...' from blogger
Lark Writes...on books and life. This book tag was a fun distraction to add to my blog. Enjoy!

Reading the Last Page First: IN
(I don't so this as much as I use to when I was younger, but it is sometimes fun to read the last page of a book.)

Enemies to Lovers:  IN
(Sure if it works for the storyline and is well done.)

Dream Sequences:  IN
(Intriguing concept if done right.)

Love Triangles:  IN
(Love triangles can work very well in romance novels.) 

Cracked Spines:  OUT
(I'm NOT a fan of cracked spines!)

Back to My Small Town:  IN
(Why not?)

No Paragraph Breaks: OUT
(I like paragraph breaks.)

Multi-generational Sagas:  IN
(These are fun if well written.)

Monsters are Regular People: IN
(Again this concept is good in paranormal romance, fantasy, etc. novels.)

Re-reading: IN
(I do enjoy rereading books I liked reading the first time around.)

Artificial Intelligence: OUT
(Generally AI is not my go to sort of read.)

Drop Caps: IN
(Drop Caps are a nice touch.) 

Happy Endings: IN
(Why not?))

Plot Points that Only Converge at the End: IN
(Yes, please!! I don't like cliffhanger endings!!)

Detailed Fantasy Systems: OUT
(Generally, this is not my thing.)

Classic Fantasy Races: OUT
(Generally, this is not my thing.)

Unreliable Narrators: IN
(This can make for fun reading.)

Evil Protagonists: IN
(This is kind of a fun concept to have an evil protagonist!!)

The Chosen One: IN
(I'm not opposed to the idea of 'The Chosen One' in books.)

When the Protagonist Dies: IN
(Only if works for the storyline.)

Really Long Chapters: IN
(I prefer shorter chapters, but can handle longer chapters if the storyline is good)

French Flaps: IN
(These are a nice touch inside paperback books.)

Deckled Edges: IN
(Deckled edges look beautiful!)

Signed Copies by the Author: IN
(Yes, most definitely!!)

Dog-earing Pages: OUT
(I use bookmarks... preferably the magnetic kind.)

Chapter Titles Instead of Numbers: IN
(Numbered or titled chapters are fine either way for me.)

Happy Reading!


  1. OOoh fun tag! I'm going to have to do this one when I have time! Found myself agreeing with the majority of your answers. Once or twice I might have leaned more towards the other way, but I'm pretty easygoing for the most part!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Glad you liked this post!!