Tuesday, July 26, 2022

My First Actual Free Little Pantry Find


I'm sure you've all heard about Little Free Libraries by now and may have even found a few of them yourselves out in the wild... Or perhaps, even better, you're a steward of a Little Free Library of your very own!!

As many of my blog followers may already know, I am an avid lover of Little Free Libraries and seek them out as frequently as feasibly possible. I love finding LFLs and exchanging my already read books for other gently used books that look like interesting ones to read. Sometimes I get lucky and find books I have listed on my reading wishlist inside LFLs.

However, earlier this month while in Concord, California, my husband and I found something different. We stumbled upon our very first Little Free Food Pantry purely by accident outside a Lutheran Church. We'd heard about Little Free Food Pantries before, but we'd never seen one in person until a couple of weekends ago.

The interesting thing is that we'd stopped by the Lutheran Church with the sole purpose of leaving five books inside a Little Free Library on the premises. It just so happened that they also had a Little Free Food Pantry onsite as well... So with that in mind, we meandered over to the other side of the property and voila, we saw our very first Little Free Food Pantry sighting!! 
Have you seen a Little Free Food Pantry in person before? They're pretty cool, am I right?


  1. It is very cool! What great ideas both LFLs and LFFPs are.

  2. I have seen a number of Little Free Libraries, but never a Little Free Food Pantry. I had just heard about them the other day, but I believe a friend's daughter may have one near her house in upstate New York. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com