Friday, April 17, 2020

The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates with Linda Schatz

I'm always on the look out to be a better, healthier version of myself from improving my sleep, exercising more, stressing less, eating better and healing/stabilizing my complex regional pain syndrome (crps). With that in mind, I chose to read the paperback edition of The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates with Linda Schatz as I wanted to explore what this book had to offer in terms of improving my diet and overall health based on this book's summary. 

In all honesty, I sometimes find it difficult in deciding whether to review health and diet related books I read here on my book blog. I'm not a doctor, registered dietitian, nutritionist, or other qualified health professional, which is part of my hang up/lack of desire in reviewing books online that pertain to health and diet. I'm a book reader and book reviewer, so of course, I want to review what I read and post book reviews here on my blog. So, my review of The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates with Linda Schatz is just that a book review, not an endorsement or recommendation to try a certain diet. I leave health and diet recommendations up to the medical professionals to do. This has me wondering though, do other bloggers hesitate reviewing heath and diet related books on their blogs?

So, onward with my book review! Overall, I'm not sure how I feel about the content of The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates with Linda Schatz... or if this particular diet would be a good fit for me to try. 

Below are a few of the pros and cons for me regarding The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates with Linda Schatz.

Pros For Me:

* Well organized book divided into 7 major sections with several chapters covering pertinent information the authors wanted readers to know about The Body Ecology Diet within each of the major sections.
* Short, bite sized chunks of information to absorb and understand within each chapter with bold headings that make it easier to refer back to a particular section within a chapter when needed.
* Recipes in the back of the book to help one start eating meals that are Body Ecology Diet approved.

Cons For Me:

* The Body Ecology Diet seems fairly restrictive.
* There seems to be a lot of rules/things to remember in following the Body Ecology Diet. Maybe over time one would easily master the diet, but it seems like a lot to learn in the beginning.
* I'm not onboard with some of ideas needed to follow the Body Ecology Diet.
* The author heavily promotes a lot of her own products to use/consume during the Body Ecology Diet. These products may be excellent products and convenient to purchase, but the author plugging her own products felt like a lot of self promotion to me and another way to make money.
* This book was originally published in the mid-1990s and revised in 2011. So the content/writing felt a bit dated.

Below is a summary for The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates with Linda Schatz from Amazon:
If you’re experiencing discomfort, fatigue, or other symptoms that won’t go away no matter what you do or how many doctors you see, chances are you’re one of the millions unknowingly suffering from a systemic fungal/yeast infection, "the hidden invader." The result of an imbalance starting in your internal ecosystem, this can be a key factor in headaches, joint and muscle pain, depression, cancer, food allergies, digestive problems, autism, and other immune-related disorders. The Body Ecology Diet reveals how to restore and maintain the "inner ecology" your body needs to function properly, and eliminate or control the symptoms that rob you of the joy of living. Tens of thousands of people have already benefited from the Body Ecology way of life—Donna Gates shows you, step-by-step, how to eat your way to better health and well-being . . . deliciously, easily, and inexpensively! In this book, you will learn how to: use seven basic universal principles as tools to gain mastery over every health challenge you may encounter; focus on your inner ecology to create ideal digestive balance; conquer cravings with strategies for satisfying snacking and for dining away from home; and plan meals with dozens of delectable recipes, an array of menus, and detailed shopping lists.
I am not giving The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates with Linda Schatz a rating like I normally would for other books I've read in the past.

Until my next post, happy reading!!


  1. I understand your search for the best ways to enhance your health. But I have not read many books like this for a while. Diet books have been big sellers for decades and all that tells me is that people want to be healthier, thinner and the diet book industry tries to cash in on that want. Especially when the author is promoting their own products!

    1. I agree that health books and diet books are big time sellers. I can't tell you how many friends and family members who want to lose weight have purchased the latest fad book on how to lose weight!!

      Thank goodness I don't need to lose weight! I'm just trying to eat healthier and deal with a few minor digestive and food sensitivities issues.

  2. I am completely turned off by authors who use their books to promote a product in which they have a financial interest. How can I possibly believe them if they are just trying to convince me to buy something? I'm more likely to believe someone if they are - or at least appear to be - unbiased. But if you found some good ideas in this book that you can use, more power to you!

    1. I was totally turned off by the author promoting her own products. I have no plans to buy her products.