Sunday, March 15, 2020

10 Ways to Support Your Indie Bookstore During Coronavirus Crisis

I came across a good article through Publishers Weekly titled, 10 Ways to Support Your Indie Bookstore Through Coronavirus and Beyond by Josh Cook. In the article, Josh Cook wrote the following:
Even successful small businesses rarely have a lot of cash on hand. Among small businesses, bookstores tend to operate on a thin profit margin, so even though we are keeping the lights on, we need money coming in constantly to stay afloat. This is why recessions hit bookstores hard. We don't have the extra cash to pay bills, rent, and employees if our income drops significantly or stops completely for three weeks, a month, or two months. For that reason, whether from social distancing, an actual quarantine, or a more general economic downturn, the new coronavirus presents a real challenge to bookstores.
Click on the above link to learn how to support independent bookstores without having to leave your home!


  1. Yesterday I placed a large order at the indie bookstore where I used to work. I will be able to pick up my order curbside. It would be devastating for the owner if her store went under. She has worked so hard to make the store successful but I know from working there how hard this must be.

    1. Good for you for placing a book order!! I had sworn off buying any books this year as I have so many in my overflowing 'tbr' pile to read. But with COVID-19 going on, I decided to do my part to stimulate the local economy and place an order with an indie bookstore as well.