Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lover's Instinct (Moon Shifter #1.5) by Katie Reus

eBook Novella
I recently read the eBook edition of Lover's Instinct (Moon Shifter #1.5) by Katie ReusLover's Instinct (Moon Shifter #1.5) by Katie Reus is a paranormal romance novella, which is approximately 144 pages in length.

I was able to download Lover's Instinct (Moon Shifter #1.5)by Katie Reus to my Kindle from Amazon. Below is my unbiased review of Lover's Instinct (Moon Shifter #1.5).

Overall, I liked reading Lover's Instinct (Moon Shifter #1.5) by Katie Reus... It was a good novella, not a great one. If you like paranormal romance novellas that feature werwolves, vampires, etc., then you will most likely enjoy reading this novella.

What I didn't like about Lover's Instinct (Moon Shifter #1.5) was the abrupt ending. Also, the side story was just okay as it felt more like a distraction/obstacle in wedging the two main characters from actually hooking up. 

Also, there was a scene in Lover's Instinct (Moon Shifter #1.5) where the leading female character, Esperanze Cordona, doesn't act in a way in which I thought her character would behave, which was awkward. Otherwise, I thought Lover's Instinct (Moon Shifter #1.5) by Katie Reus was a decent read!

The following is a summary for Lover's Instinct (Moon Shifter #1.5) by Katie Reus from Amazon:
This alpha shifter is ready to stake his claim… 
Lupine shifter Nikan Lawless has it bad for Esperanze Cordona, the sweet and curvy female who only views him as a friend. Lately, however, he’s started to see sparks of interest. So when he’s assigned to act as her bodyguard during a weekend education conference, he knows it's the perfect opportunity to seduce her out of the friend zone—away from the prying eyes of their pack. 
To put his plan into motion, Nikan cancels one of their hotel rooms. Is it underhanded? Yes. But he’s playing for keeps with this female. When a dangerous man from Esperanze's past shows up in need of help, Nikan must shield her from a group of rogue shifters and convince her that they're destined to be mates. Since she’s a beta and he’s an alpha she’s afraid things will never work between them. But he knows they’re meant to be together and he’ll do what it takes to make her his forever.
I am giving Lover's Instinct (Moon Shifter #1.5) by Katie Reus a rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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