Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tips & Tricks for Lending Your Books and Getting Them Back!

I haven't lent out any books in years to family or friends because either the books would never be returned to me or come back damaged in some way (dogeared pages, broken spines, writing in the margins, or mysterious stain on the pages, etc.)...

I did come across an article on Bustle titled 7 Tips For Lending Books — And Getting Them Back Safely by Emma Oulton. My favorite tips mentioned in the article are as follows:

1. Take a picture of your friend with your book as proof they have it.

2. Take one of their books hostage in hopes this will persuade them to return yours to you in due time.

3. Place books inside protective covers to protect the dust jacket from finger prints, dust jacket tears, etc.

Click on the above article to read other tips for lending and retrieving books you loan to others.

Maybe I'll loan books out in the future once again. The only exception would be signed copies of books I have in my collection.


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