Saturday, October 15, 2016

Little Free Library in San Jose, California

Last weekend, my hubby and I briefly visited a Little Free Library in San Jose, California, where I left five books for other readers to discover!! 

I love discovering new to me Little Free Libraries. My husband and I happened to be visiting the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California last weekend. I decided to drop off some books at the nearest Little Free Library after our visit to the Winchester Mystery House. Conveniently, there was a Little Free Library only a mile or two from the Winchester Mystery House. 

Unfortunately, I was unable to capture a photograph of the Little Free Library as the steward of this particular Little Free Library, was performing some sort of maintenance work on it when we pulled up to leave books.

I think the San Jose Little Free Library we visited last weekend was the 12th Little Free Library we've visited over the years. 

Do you leave books at Little Free Libraries??

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