Sunday, August 16, 2015

Nowhere to Hide by John Dylena

Erotica Short Story
Nowhere to Hide by John Dylena is a short story approximately 22 pages in length that I was able to download to my Kindle for free. I read it in less than an hour. Below is my honest review of Nowhere to Hide.

I wasn't a big fan of this short story. I didn't like the writer's style. I felt the characters and storyline could have had more zing to them. The entire story wasn't appealing to me and could have been so much more.

The following is a plot summary for Nowhere to Hide by John Dylena from Amazon's website:
Josh had the apartment all to himself for the weekend and everything was going according to plan. His makeup was impeccable and he loved the way the stockings gently hugged his legs and how the curly brown hair of his wig fell past his shoulders. 
Just as he finished applying the final coat of ruby red lipstick, Josh heard the door to his apartment close and voices in the apartment. His roommate, Will and his girlfriend Nicole, came home early from their vacation and were here to stay. 
For adults only! Contains the following themes: crossdressing, threesome, oral sex, anal sex, feminization
I'm giving Nowhere to Hide by John Dylena a rating of 1 star out of 5 stars. 

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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