Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Classic Reactions Book-Lovers Have to People Who Don't Read

Alright, I admit that I'm an avid book reader, which is no big surprise, right??? After all, I do have a book blog, which professes my love for all things books!! 

As an avid reader, I'm always a bit amazed when I come across someone who isn't an avid reader... Or, at the very least, someone who reads books occasionally, even if they do not read books as frequently as I do. 

What I find most shocking, are the few people who have told me that they haven't read a single book since high school or college. Say what??? I couldn't imagine not reading books!

I realize and respect that some people have very busy lives that may prevent them from reading several books a year. Or that these same individuals have other hobbies/interests other than reading books. But, I'd always thought (or at least suspected) that in some way, shape, or form, that most people read books on occasion for one reason or another even if they aren't die hard readers.

So, when I came across an article yesterday on Bustle.com titled The 6 reactions Book-Lovers Have To People Who Don't Read by Kristen Scatton, I couldn't help but feel that Scatton did a fairly good job nailing my own reactions to those who do not read books.

In her article, Scatton writes the following:
However, if you really want to whip a book-lover into a Tempest-like frenzy of emotions, all you need are four little words: “I don’t read books.”

I’ve heard those words, or similar variations (“I haven’t read a book since high school,” or, even more mind-blowing, “Reading is boring”) many times in my life, and without fail, they inspire within me a tangle of emotions that leaves me speechless, at least momentarily (which is no easy feat). I understand that not everyone can enjoy reading as thoroughly as I do (actually, that’s probably a good thing; if that were the case, I’m pretty sure nothing productive would ever be accomplished), but to genuinely dislike the act of reading? You may as well say you don’t like breathing or eating.

Conversations with fellow book-lovers reveal that we all tend to have the same reactions to these rare and mysterious creatures: What… How… Why…
Checkout the six reactions book-lovers have to people who don't read by clicking on the link above and reading the full article. Do any of these reactions/feelings resonant with you?

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