Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shoots to Kill by Kate Collins

Yesterday, I finished reading Shoots to Kill by Kate Collins, which is the seventh cozy mystery novel in 'A Flower Shop Mystery Series' to feature florist and amateur sleuth, Abby Knight. 

I like the 'A Flower Shop Mystery Series' and fictional character, Abby Knight. Shoots to Kill is the fifth novel I've read by Kate Collins and I'm look forward to reading more novels in the 'Flower Shop Mystery Series'.

What did I enjoy about Shoots to Kill? First off, I liked it because it is a cozy mystery novel... I'm a cozy mystery novel enthusiast. I feel that Kate Collins is a good writer, who creates good storylines, filled with interesting characters, nice dialogue and a good amount of drama and red herrings. I didn't guess who the killer was until the end of Shoots to Kill, which is a good thing as who really wants to figure out who the killer is early on? Shoots to Kill is a fast, fun read!!

I'm giving Shoots to Kill an 8 star out of 10 star rating.

Until my next post, happy reading!

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