Saturday, February 29, 2020

Seriously?? Amazon Sells Books That Claim Satan Caused The Coronavirus...

When I came across the following article on Forbes' website titled, Amazon Sells Books That Claim Satan Caused The Coronavirus by Rosa Escandon, I thought it was April Fools Day, not Leap Day! 

In the article, Rosa Escandon wrote the following:
Authors on Amazon are writing about the coronavirus, but their conspiracies and assertions could mislead readers. Books sold on Amazon claim that the coronavirus is caused by everything from satan to biological warfare. Titles such as Jesus vs Satan: The origins of Coronavirus and Military Virus Apocalypse: Biological Warfare, Bioweapons and China Coronavirus Pandemic are currently available on the platform.
I don't know about you all, but I feel quite overwhelmed by the sheer amount of news coverage regarding the coronavirus through various media outlets. It's like you can't get away from the news regarding the coronavirus as it's all over the tv news, the radio, magazines, newspapers, Facebook posts, emails, texts messages, people talking about it in public, etc. Seriously, it's all become way too much!!

I feel like there is a certain amount of fear and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus as it continues to spread worldwide. The news media's hyper reporting isn't helping to ease concerns surrounding the coronavirus and neither is the plunge on the stock market that is being attributed to the coronavirus.

All I want is accurate, reliable information regarding the coronavirus. I've really had to back away from watching tv news and limit my time spent on social media to avoid being bombarded by all the coronavirus news.

How does everyone else feel about the coronavirus?


  1. One always has to beware of information being presented and evaluate carefully to be sure what you are getting is accurate. That is doubly important in a crisis like that presented by the coronavirus. I saw that Amazon had pulled a lot of products that were capitalizing on the crisis, but I'm not sure whether that included any books. I think they generally steer away from censoring book sales of any kind.

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly that one always has to beware of information being presented and evaluate carefully to be sure what you are getting is accurate. It's just the sheer amount of attention and focus on this particular virus that is unnerving and stressful to me.

      To put it another way, the seasonal flu this year is being reported as the deadliest flu season in two decades with the highest amount of deaths attributed to the seasonal flu this year seen in a long time... yet lately more attention (it seems) is being focused on the coronavirus as it continues to spread worldwide.

      At this point in time in the US, it seems more likely that one would get the seasonal flu rather than the coronavirus, so the focus should be on that. I'm not saying that attention shouldn't be given to the coronavirus, but not all of the constant attention it seems to be getting via the news media lately.

      It's the hyper reporting of the coronavirus via the news that irks me the most. I'm tired of hearing about it every time I turn around, which is why I've scaled back big time from watching the news, limiting the amount of time on social media, etc.

  2. Sometimes I feel that ignorance should be a sin!
    I found this article in a tweet from Hilary Clinton and it impressed me as factual and calmed me down:

  3. It's hard not to become obsessed - wherever you are people are either discussing it or watching a news program, or whatever. And, they just announced the first case in my state (New York). I read the link from Judy Krueger's comment and it's a good one - but it started another round of discussion with my husband. Alana

    1. It's difficult not to discuss what you read or hear about the coronavirus on the news with family and friends.