Saturday, December 4, 2021

Confined to Align: A Journey to Wellbeing by Ashley Lyn Olson


Ashley Lyn Olson is one of my neighbors and she recently published a nonfiction book in September 2021. Curious about her newly published book, I downloaded the ebook edition of Confined to Align: A Journey to Wellbeing by Ashley Lyn Olson to my Kindle app and read all 121 pages of it in one evening over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

In 2010, Ashley underwent two major surgeries due to a pressure sore infection. She spent eight continuous weeks in a nursing home laying horizontally 24/7 in a special medical bed recovering. Ashley shares with readers her story of recovery, which is interspersed with her poetry and diary entries from the time period on what helped her through this difficult period in her life.

We read about the help she received from staff at the nursing home during her eight week stay. Additionally, we also learn how Ashley used her recovery period, not by wallowing in self pity or negativity, but instead by growing stronger mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically with various techniques learned through reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay... And other sources, along with using visualization techniques. Her positive outlook and perseverance in improving her mindset are truly inspiring! 

The summary of her book, Confined to Align, is as follows in her own words:
Ten years after a car accident paralyzed my legs, a pressure sore infection escalated into a life-or-death scenario requiring emergency surgery, followed by an extended recovery in a nursing home. For weeks, I was confined to a special medical bed, where I was not allowed to sit up, but required to remain on my back 24/7. This is the story of my search for peace and sanity during that claustrophobic confinement, which subsequently led to a deeper understanding and alignment of my internal, eternal wellbeing.
Ashley Lyn Olson’s biography is as follows:
Ashley Lyn Olson was an all-star student athlete when, at age fourteen, a paralyzing car accident took away her beloved father and her ability to walk. Eight years later she graduated with honors from the University of Southern California, where she received a full academic scholarship. The events recorded in this book took place approximately ten years after the initial accident that paralyzed her, and now, ten years later, she shares her story of being confined to aligning her well being. In 2006, Olson created, and today, it’s a leading resource that empowers people and their loved ones to access the world of leisure and adventure travel. Growing up camping and hiking, the Access 2 Parks Project is also a passion project, and available on her website for all national, state, and regional parks that are wondering how to create accessibility in parks. In addition to National Geographic, AAA Magazine, and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, Olson, has been featured in New Mobility Magazine (United Spinal Association), Hindustan Times Newspaper (India), PN News Magazine, Able Outdoors, National Seating & Mobility Magazine, Revista Reação (Brazil), and Life in Action Magazine. Olson has given many speeches at various conferences, universities, expeditions, and medical institutions, like John Hopkins Hospital, Saint Mary’s College, and the Keck School of Medicine of USC. She has also been interviewed on the “Right to Write” for World Paris Radio, and a number of podcasts including “Positive Exposure Connects” (New York), “Conversations with Creative Women,” “Pod Save the Rest of Us,” “The Write Reflection,” “Power to Change,” “Tokyo Podcast,” and “Define Yourself Podcast.”
I am giving Confined to Align: A Journey to Wellbeing by Ashley Lyn Olson a rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Until my next post, happy reading!!

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