Monday, August 26, 2013

Sheriff in Her Stocking by Cheryl Gorman

Last weekend, I read the eBook version of Sheriff in Her Stocking by award winning author Cheryl Gorman. Ms. Gorman is a new author to me and I enjoyed reading her 114 page erotica/romantic novella.

What I enjoyed most about reading 'Sheriff in Her Stocking' was the author's ability to weave not only an interesting storyline filled with characters you wanted to read more about, but also a novella that contained the right amount of erotic scenes within its pages.

Book Description found on the website:
On her way to a new job in New York city, beautiful, plus-sized Anglo Delaney Moore finds herself stranded in a snowstorm at Christmas time in the small town of Avery, Montana, where she meets the town's sexy, hot-blooded Hispanic sheriff. Since she plans to only stay until the storm clears, she sees no harm in indulging in a little naughty fun.

Rick Mateo Cruz grew up on the poor side of the tracks in Chicago, but he’s made a good life as the sheriff of a small town. He loves his culture, his family, and a woman who isn’t afraid to give up control. Rick finds Delaney’s voluptuous figure irresistible, but her whiter-than-white upbringing gives him pause.

Her willingness to submit to his desire for domination brings them closer together emotionally than either could have ever imagined. They’ll have to find that same fiery combination between their cultural differences for Delaney to get a sheriff in her stocking.

Until my next post, happy reading!

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